Hydraulic Specialist Certification

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Hydraulic Specialist Certification

4-Day Seminar

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For those designing systems and writing specifications, sizing and selecting hydraulic components for mobile and industrial operating machinery. Hydraulic specialists draft schematics using standard fluid power symbols. Hydraulic specialists design systems which are drafted to fluid power essential practices supported by National and International Standards.

What you will learn:

  • Read circuit diagrams, size components and understand function as used in hydraulic systems.
  • Analyze load & motion. Determine and perform calculations for the work profile to move loads (force, distance, work, torque, speed, velocity and power.)
  • Provides ISO cleanliness level for each system.
  • Specifies filtration to maintain ISO cleanliness level.
  • Specifies flushing and commissioning.
  • Specifies Sampling and diagnostic ports.
  • Size and specify hydraulic cylinders and motors.
  • Understand operating curves for proportional control valves. Identify components on the amplifier card.
  • Specify hydraulic reservoirs to meet system requirements.
  • Specify hydraulic accumulators for system operation.
  • Calculate heat loss and size heat exchangers
  • Identify properties of hydraulic fluids and compatibility with seal materials.
  • Understand the use and application of biodegradable fluids.
  • Analyze and trouble shoot hydraulic systems (pressure, flow, heat, vibration, noise and cycle time.
  • Recognize the basic electrical control systems.
  • Understand ladder logic.
  • Match programmable logic controller (PLC devices with application).
  • Promotes safe working conditions with pressurized systems.


$950 includes: Tuition, workbook, student handouts, lunch and refreshments

Available Class Times:

Sept. 17 – 19, 2019