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Balluff Sensor Technology

3-Day Seminar

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Prerequisites of the Course

Participants must have a basic understanding of how to navigate in a Windows® environment on a personal computer.

Structure of the Course

The Sensing Technologies Course uses a hands-on approach. Each pair of participants will share a sensor demo which contains a sampling of various sensor types. This demo case is used in the lab exercises. It contains inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic, photoelectric (three types), magenetic linear, and transducer type sensors. It also has a Smart Light and an IO-Link block and a controller.


Balluff’s courses focus on what the student should be able to DO at the end of the lesson and we achieve this objective through a “hands-on” approach that leaves students better equipped to do their jobs.

Technologies covered: inductive, capacitive, level, diffuse photoelectric, retro-reflective photoelectric, thru-beam photoelectric, ultrasonic, magnetic encoders and linear transducers, and Smart Level sensors.

Topics Included

Selecting between different sensor technologies – Connecting/wiring/basic logic – Installing/mounting, configuring and troubleshooting multiple sensor technologies – Also covered is a brief overview of the benefits of IO-Link to sensors and sensing.

Target Group
Engineers and Technicians that are required to install, specify, configure, troubleshoot or support sensors.
New employees, who are fresh out of school, that are learning automation for the first time.


$1,500 includes: Tuition, workbook, student handouts, lunch and refreshments

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