Student Designs

Student Designs 2017-02-08T16:41:46-05:00

About the Competition:

Livingston & Haven invites area High School students to design the most creative and useful products utilizing Bosch Rexroth’s structural aluminum framing (MGE).

About MGE:

Bosch Rexroth’s structural aluminum framing, also known as aluminum extrusion or MGE, is a high-quality material that is as durable as steel, but much easier to assemble, reconfigure and re-use. Aluminum profiles can provide the solution to many design challenges. This material allows you to design exactly the shape you need and lets the assembly process shape itself to your specific design.

Selection Criteria:

A “shark tank” like jury from Bosch Rexroth and Livingston & Haven will select the winning teams entries based on the following: 

Creativity: Be creative and inventive! We are looking for new and resourceful uses for this product. 

Practicality: Designs should be cost-effective, easy to fabricate and assemble. Product should be improved by using MGE over other materials. 

Market Impact/Potential: Designers should think about whether the product is marketable. Would the product be a success commercially?

Preparation: Make sure to do your research and present your findings in a well thought out manner. Your presentation is key!

Winning Designs

Olympic High School


Our winning team for 2016 came up with a solution for the changing corporate culture. Kub (pronounced: cube) is their take on a portable work station including drawers, cushions, wheels and workspace. 

Design: RoBox

Our leading 2015 team dreamed up an innovative twist to store children’s toys. By utilizing MGE, they were able to design a product that would be marketable, unique and fun! Congratulations team!

Olympic HS @ METS

Design: Merry Go Bench

This 2014 duo designed a very innovative and unique bench that also functions as a Merry Go Round. The judges all agreed this concept was original, well-thought out and their description very well presented.

Olympic HS

Design: Tri-Table

A freshman team of two beat the competition in 2013 with their inventive spin on a desk / table for students. Allowing flexibility to design elements and additional storage for gaming units or a printing station takes an ordinary desk to the next level.