The Daman Way

Most manufacturers today have the latest tools and technology, but few combine today’s tooling and technology advancements with creativity, expertise, ethics and integrity. At Daman, we look at things through the lens of our customers’ viewpoints. It’s a unique perspective that helps us find creative and innovative solutions that help our customers win work and succeed.

Our perspective also helps us make informed decisions. Whether we’re planning or building, ordering or delivering, testing or improving, we want to do what’s right for our customers.

daman_diagram_1aA Leader in Continuous Improvement Practices

Daman Products has concentrated on building excellence within our company for over three decades. As a Midwest-based fluid power manufacturer, we have integrated a purpose-driven set of values, team leadership and business practices since we embraced the concept of continuous improvement in 1997. Eliminating waste, streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies have become second nature to everyone at Daman.

Daman Capabilities

Custom Manifolds

Whether you have a computer-generated circuit and bill of materials, a freehand schematic or construction drawing, we will distill the appropriate information into a design for an efficient, highly functional product that meets your specifications for replicated or prototype manifold solutions within weeks.

Standard Manifolds

Daman Products offers a complete line of manifolds that meet all ISO and NFPA standards. Our Standard Manifold Products Catalog contains more than 1 million parts that facilitate the assembly of parallel or series circuit systems, ranging from ISO 02 valve patterns through ISO 10.

Related Fluid Power Products

Daman’s Standard Catalog includes an extensive line of cover plates, DIN bodies, header blocks, junction blocks, Servo products, subplates, tapping plates and valve adaptors in addition to our standard manifolds.


While the vast majority of products that we build have criteria that are best served by 6061-T6511 aluminum or 65-45-12 ductile iron, we also frequently review requests for custom products in other grades of aluminum and ductile iron, as well as stainless steel, carbon steel and other advanced materials.

Surface Treatments

Improve cosmetic appearance, corrosion resistance, paint adhesion, or increased surface hardness with an array of surface treatments fit for different materials and product applications. Daman will assist with selecting anodized, electroless nickel or other specialized surface treatments that are appropiate for your application.

Daman Facts

  • Custom Manifold quotations are processed in 24 hours or less for most projects; depending on completeness of information provided and type of special tooling / material requirements
  • We engineer from circuit, build, assemble, inventory, and ship manifold products
  • Over 283 years of combined project design and sales support experience
  • Daman’s manufacturing accuracy rating is 99.87%
  • Daman’s design accuracy rating is 99.10%
  • Daman’s on-time delivery rating is 99.09%