Solutions made simple 

ABB is a global leader in automation technologies. We enjoy both market and technical leadership in our businesses, which include electrical machines, drives and power electro nics, low-voltage products, instru mentation, controls and robotics, and have an installed base valued at more than $100 billion. Our customers use ABB products, systems, software and services to automate and optimize their industrial, commercial and utility operations. ns_contactor_relays

Quality and reliability 

ABB’s customers operate diverse and sophisticated plants. Discrete manufacturers like carmakers, or process producers like pulp and paper makers, need the most reliable equipment and control systems available. Since product quality is their competitive edge, our job is to deliver products and services that help them keep that edge. 

Lower energy costs 

Beyond improving quality and productivity, most ABB automation solutions have the added benefit of helping customers save energy. Our high-efficiency motors and drives reduce the amount of electricity consumed in industrial plants. Our marine propulsion systems cut fuel costs for large cruise liners by up to 15 percent. Our turbochargers boost engine output up to threefold, while saving gasoline or diesel fuel. Our control systems serve as the “brain” that optimizes complex plant processes.