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Principles of Pneumatics

1st level pneumatics control systems training course

3-Day Seminar

For info call: 844 288-2367

Tuition: $1,195

Includes: Tuition, workbook, student handouts, lunch and refreshments

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What you will learn:

Plant facility maintenance personnel learn the principles of pneumatics technology. Students understand air cylinder force and air motor torque. Students learn air flow rates using CFM and SCFM values, and, they understand the difference between the 2 calculations. Students will be able to calculate cylinder cycle times. You will understand inlet air speed regulation as opposed to exhaust air speed regulation. Learn about pressure control with relief valves and regulating valves. Understand how pneumatic poppet type and spool type directional controls operate. Understand the various spool types that are commonly used with directional control valves including 3/2, 4/2, 4/3, 5/2 and ‘memory valves’. Learn how vacuum is created, measured and used for lifting. Understand pneumatic symbols and learn to read and interpret pneumatic control schematics. Students will learn that pneumatic fluid power can be, if not properly maintained a very costly drive technology. Learn pneumatic control with more than 12 pneumatic control lab exercises. This pneumatic course of study is approximately 50% seminar lecture/discussion and 50% hands-on lab exercises.


$1,195 includes: Tuition, workbook, student handouts, lunch and refreshments

Available Class Times:

May 10 – 12, 2022
Dec. 14 – 16, 2022