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We can combine the robust industrial pneumatic components from our distribution vendors with third party components and custom fabrication to provide a turnkey solution.

Our solutions include:

  • Custom Pneumatic Panels
  • Gas Booster Systems
  • Air Operated High Pressure Pumping System
  • Air Amplifier Systems
  • Pneumatic Proportional Controls
Pneumatic Panels

Air driven liquid pumps can be used to amplify liquid pressures. Unlike electric pumps that create excessive heat when holding pressure, air driven pumps stall when the desired pressure is reached and restart as soon demand is needed, saving energy and reducing the complexity and price of the hydraulic power system for:

  • Hydrostatic Burst Testing
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Clamping Circuits for presses
Gas Booster Systems

We integrate Haskel gas boosters to boost pressures and scavenge expensive gases to maximize yield from bulk storage tanks for:

  • Accumulator charging
  • Gas spring and draw cushion charging
  • Gas transfer
  • Leak and pressure testing
Pneumatic High Pressure Liquid Pumps
  • Pneumatic controls are ideal solutions in ATEX (hazardous and explosive areas) to control motion and processes in the manufacturing and process industry.
  • L&H’s pneumatic panels combine valves, timers and counters to produce PLC like pneumatic logic control but without electricity. These controls can operate air operated ball valves, pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic valves, pneumatic vibrators, and air operated pumps.
  • We can design and build custom pneumatic panels to meet your specific application.
Air Amplifiers
  • Air amplifiers are used to boost shop air pressures at the point of use. This allows you to operate your shop air at lower pressures, reducing energy waste. The air amplifier system will boost local pressure only on equipment where higher pressures are required for applications such as clamping circuits.
  • L&H can help with sizing, designing and assembling the proper equipment for your specific volume and pressure requirements.
Pneumatic Proportional Controls

Proportional pneumatic controls can be used to achieve accurate pressure control for gases and pneumatic systems. These controls can provide open or closed loop control for fine pressure control and feedback in:

  • Tube and hose testing
  • Controlling clamping and pressing forces

Fluid Power Capabilites

If you require assistance in developing a pneumatic solution or maintaining & troubleshooting an existing system, please send an email to [email protected]. One of our technicians will contact you to see how we can assist.

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