Humphrey Proportional Flow Controls - The ProControl Proportional Valves have expanded again, adding the PC30 Large Proportional Valve to the recently introduced PC10 Small Proportional Valve and PC3 Miniature Proportional Valve. The PC30 has exceptional maximum flow, 300LPM at 5.8 watts, and in a compact, 1/8 PIPE, 2-port, valve body. The smaller PC10 valve is a 10-32 threaded, 2-port proportional […]
Humphrey Proportional Regulators - ProControl Regulator Series ProControl Regulators Expanding the ProControl family to go a step beyond single valves, Humphrey adds the ProControl pressure regulator series of products. These electronic pressure regulators provide outstanding performance, versatility and value. Designed for low volume flow rates (PCRL) or high volume flow rates (PCRH), ProControl regulators precisely sustain outlet pressure, even […]