Haskel Air Pressure Amplifiers - Air Driven Air Amplifier Haskel air driven air pressure amplifiers are automatically cycling simple ratio pumps utilizing a large area air drive piston(s) directly connected to small area pumping piston(s) to produce boosted (amplified) air (or nitrogen) output pressures.
Haskel Hydraulically Driven Gas Boosters - Hydraulic Driven Gas Boosters – HG Series Our hydraulic-driven gas boosters are ultrahigh pressure compressors that can withstand pressures to 16,000 psi. For easy seal replacement, they also feature a floating piston. Other important features include: Over 15 models to choose from Flow rates range from 0 to 400 SCFM Pressure from 0 to 15,000 […]
Haskel Pneumatically Driven Gas Boosters - Pneumatic Driven Gas Boosters – AG Series Pneumatic drive boosters consist of single acting – single stage, double acting – single stage, and two-stage models for high gas compression ratios. Our pneumatic-driven gas boosters have the ability to perform with pressure ranges above 5000 psi. All of the vent ports are combined into a single […]
Haskel Pneumatically Driven Liquid Pumps - We offer the most complete range of pneumatic pump models in the industry in a wide variety of liquid section seal materials. Click on the pump model below to learn more, or use our Pump Selector to choose the right pump for your application.