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2023 Rate Sheet

L&H has a dedicated staff of technicians and engineers that can accommodate the onsite installation of projects and upgrades. Our associates have years of field experience in dealing with tight timelines, limited production down time and high priority jobs.

Our field service associates all have a minimum OSHA10 certifications along with Tappisafe, Mid-Atlantic safety counsel, and ISNetworld to name a few. We are also background and drug tested to work with customers that handle federal government contracts.

Hydraulic Unit Installations

Field Piping:

Electrical Controls Installation

Lubrication System installations

Conveyor Installations

Aluminum Structural Framing Installations

Livingston & Haven is a Certified Bosch Rexroth Service Partner for Hydraulic & Indramat Products, offering a wide range of services, repair, and retrofit options for legacy products.

Trust our factory-trained repair technicians to correctly repair your Indramat equipment to factory standards, replacing any failed components with genuine Rexroth Indramat parts. Bosch Rexroth, and their certified service partners, are your only sources for factory certified repairs of Indramat hardware.

Emergency repair services are available for 24 hour turnaround when downtime is critical. 

Rexroth Certified Partner Repair Options

Standard Repair

Corrects the problem and updates the repaired equipment to the latest technical revision, replacing any failed components with genuine Bosch Rexroth Indramat parts; one-year factory warranty and quick responses (including same-day, one-day, two-day, or ten-day turnarounds).


Corrects the problem and updates the repaired equipment to the latest technical revision level. All major wearing components are replaced using genuine Bosch Rexroth Indramat parts bringing the unit back to a “Like New” condition. A two year complete product warranty is included.


Includes Reman service and additionally provides subcomponents pre-procured and customer’s product and serial number registered for eligible repair service up to five years beyond the scheduled end-of-service date.


Machine uptime is mission critical. Training on Indramat Legacy products keeps maintenance personnel able to troubleshoot and diagnose issues quickly and implement corrective actions fast to get the machine up and running again.

Field Service

Minimize downtime and get expert Indramat troubleshooting and problem resolution with field service from Bosch Rexroth. Whether it’s routine preventative maintenance, fast response to unanticipated issues or recommendations for long-term care, our field personnel have unique cross-technology expertise in all drive and control technologies.

Spare Parts Options

We offer programs to supply spare replacement parts for Indramat products, tested and certified to the latest technical revisions.

Full or Scalable Retrofit

Establishes a strategic plan to support installed Indramat products well beyond end-of-service and extended REMAN Plus dates.

Long Life Service

Guaranteed extension of support for products up to five years beyond published end-of-service date.

Service Contracts

Protects your systems and manufacturing uptime with service contracts that include fitness checks, scheduled maintenance, part replacement, and defined repair response times.

Livingston & Haven’s Engineered  Systems & Assemblies Division can combine the robust industrial pneumatic components from our distribution vendors with third party components and custom fabrication to provide a turnkey solution. 

Some of these solutions include:

Pneumatic Panels

Pneumatic controls are ideal solutions in ATEX (hazardous and explosive areas) to control motion and processes in the manufacturing and process industry.  

L&H’s pneumatic panels combine valves, timers and counters to produce PLC like pneumatic logic control but without electricity.  These controls can operate air operated ball valves, pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic valves, pneumatic vibrators, and air operated pumps.

We can design and build custom pneumatic panels to meet your specific application.

Gas Booster Systems.

Livingston & Haven can integrate gas boosters from Haskel to provide a turnkey solution to boost pressures and scavenge expensive gases to maximize yield from bulk storage tanks.  

Applications include

Pneumatic High Pressure Liquid Pumps

Air driven liquid pumps can be used to amplify liquid pressures.  Unlike electric pumps that create excessive heat when holding pressure, air driven pumps stall when the desired pressure is reached and restart as soon demand is needed, saving energy and reducing the complexity and price of the hydraulic power system.

Applications include 

Air Amplifiers

Air amplifiers are used to boost shop air pressures at the point of use.  This allows you to operate your shop air at lower pressures, reducing energy waste.  The air amplifier system will boost local pressure only on equipment where higher pressures are required for applications such as clamping circuits.

L&H can help with sizing, designing and assembling the proper equipment for your specific volume and pressure requirements.

Pneumatic Proportional Controls:

Proportional pneumatic controls can be used to achieve accurate pressure control for gases and pneumatic systems.  These proportional controls can provide open or closed loop control for fine pressure control and feedback.

Applications include 

Connect with us:

If you require assistance in developing a pneumatic solution or maintaining & troubleshooting an existing system, please fill out the form below or send a detailed email to [email protected]. One of our technicians will contact you to see how can assist. 

Maximizing the OEE of your machinery requires proper lubrication at precise intervals. The problem with manually lubricating machines is that they cycle through periods of under lubrication and then over lubrication; both can be problematic and reduce productivity. 

By installing an automatic lubrication system, a precise amount of grease or oil can be dispensed at a predefined interval to ensure optimal lubrication and do so while the machine is running.

Advantages of automatic lubrication include:

L&H provides design, assembly, and installation services for all types of automatic lubrication solutions and can repair and retrofit old, clogged or obsolete systems. As a certified lubrication distributor we can provide spare and replacement parts as well as service and repair for most major brands.

Single Point Lubricators

Single point systems are ideal when lube points are few or spread over a large area.  Single point lubricators typically dispense grease and can be ordered with almost any type of grease and single point oil systems are available.  Applications for single point lubricators include conveyors, electric motors, pumps, blowers, fans.

Series Progressive Systems  

Series progressive systems work with both oils and greases utilizing a centrally located reservoir and pump feeding configurable lube blocks for multi-point lubrication.  The series progressive operating principle allows for system monitoring and feedback to detect blocked ports. 

Typical applications for series progressive systems include manufacturing equipment, presses, slitters, injection molding machines, steel mills, rolling mills, continuous caster, as well as mobile equipment like loaders, dozers, and earth movers.

Volumetric Systems (Injectors)

Single line injection systems are ideal for multipoint lubrication spread over a larger area.  They utilize positive displacement injectors (PDI) to dispense a precise amount of oil or grease regardless of temperature or viscosity of the lubrication. 

Typical applications for single line lubes systems include saw mills, paper machines, injection molding machines, and mobile equipment.

Central Lube Systems

Central lube systems are typically oil based, closed loop systems consisting of a reservoir, pump, filters, and flow controls. Also referred to circulating or recirculating lube oil systems. 

Circulating lube oil systems are typically used for stamping presses, paper machines, gear boxes, rock crushers, and large industrial machines. 

Chain Oil Lubrication Systems

Chain conveying systems are utilized in many industrial applications and run continuously, often in harsh environments including high heat, wash down, dust and debris.  It is imperative to keep the chains lubricated to prevent premature failure and expensive downtime. 

Chain oil lubrication systems can be found in industries such as automotive, aggregate, food/beverage, heat treat furnaces, automated paint lines, and many others.  L&H provide solutions to maintain proper application of lube without messy over lubrication. 

Connect with us:

If you require assistance in developing a lubrication solution or maintaining & troubleshooting an existing lube system, please fill out the form below or send a detailed email to [email protected]. One of our technicians will contact you to see how can assist. 

Your custom solutions team

Livingston & Haven’s engineering team can design, manufacture and startup your hydraulics system – from concept, design and fabrication to installation and preventative maintenance or any combination thereof. No hydraulics challenge is too large or too small. With 70 years of experience creating and revamping hydraulic machines, industrial power units, test stands, lubrication systems, mobile systems and assemblies and manifolds, we deliver customized solutions second-to-none.

We’ll partner with you to:

The L&H team applies skilled innovation to any hydraulics issue and we welcome your challenge. Our solutions are certified to ISO standards and adhere to business best practices.

Livingston & Haven offers full-service fabrication, specializing in sheet metal cutting, bending, threading and bracketry. Engineering to your needs, we can laser cut up to 1” steel, 5/8” stainless, 1⁄2” aluminum and 3/8” copper and brass, and bend materials up to 1⁄4” thickness. We can work with exotic materials and cut anything up to 5” with water-jet capabilities, including steel, granite and glass. Our welding capabilities are among the industry’s finest, specializing in mig, tig and pulse arc with a focus on both carbon and stainless steel. All of our welders are qualified to the following standards:

Livingston & Haven has partnered with several premier conveyor manufacturers to provide an arsenal of solutions to efficiently automate your product flow. 

L&H offers: 

Modular Plastic Chain

Custom Conveyors 

Washdown, Stainless, Food Grade

Angled Frame

Indexing Conveyors

Palletized Conveyors 

Automation Solutions tailored for your application:

Livingston & Haven designs electrical automation solutions that control, monitor and synchronize mechanical systems to the specifications our customers require. We start by working closely with you to understand your application needs and then review options to design the right solution. By utilizing the highest quality technology from industry leading suppliers like Bosch Rexroth, L&H’s trained automation specialists and engineers will design and fabricate integrated applications in an efficient and cost-effective manner to solve factory automation challenges.

Our team is equipped to provide many types of solutions, including:

L&H can provide innovative solutions to your most demanding motion control needs.

Livingston and Haven offers a full range of extruded aluminum products and services including:

Safety Enclosures

Custom Ergonomic Workstations

Perimeter Guards

Flow Racks

Custom Carts

Machine Frames

Room Dividers & Sound Enclosures

Visual Info Boards

When manufacturers need more than parts in a box, they turn to Livingston & Haven’s Engineered Systems & Assemblies Group.

Engineered Systems:  We combine the quality parts from our distribution division with components from 3rd party manufacturers along with custom machined and fabricated parts to produce a turnkey solution. Examples of systems include

Field Service & Repair:  Our engineers and technicians are available to help our customers reduce downtime by assisting with troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, and installations.  Examples of our services include:

Solutions:  L&H Solutions are developed by combining components, systems, and service with our extensive engineering expertise to help manufacturers improve Machine Productivity, Product Quality and Worker Safety.

Our experts in the fields of hydraulics, electromechanical automation, pneumatics and lubrication will consult with your team to develop a comprehensive solution to your manufacturing challenges.  Examples of where we have helped companies with our solutions include

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