Hygienic Design - Reliably clean. Is the ability to drive, manufacture and pack reliably in a hygienically clean environment a top priority for your company? Hygienic Design, our newest gearhead series, provides innovative and incomparable alternatives for existing and future production processes. The Hygienic Design gearhead is the first planetary gearhead in the world to be certified by […]
Wittenstein Alphira - Simple precision The alphira® gearhead combines proven gearing technology with the low-cost requirements of the economy segment. The outcome: a lightweight aluminium gearhead design characterized by high power density, absolute reliability and optimal availability. Thanks to its lifelong lubrication regardless of where it is installed, this gearhead is absolutely maintenance-free. View PDF
Wittenstein LP+/LPB+ Generation 3 - Innovation sets standards Low-backlash planetary gearhead with an output shaft (LP+ Generation 3) or output flange (LPB+ Generation 3). Optionally available with a timing belt pulley. A reliable and durable member of the planetary gearhead family, the LP+ / LPB+ unites the benefits of a proven gearhead concept with low-cost premium quality. View PDF
Wittenstein TP+/TP+ High Torque - Compact precision The compact top performer among planetary gearheads with an output flange. The optimal gearhead for highly precise positioning and highly dynamic production cycles. High torsional and tilting rigidity. View PDF
Wittenstein SP+/SP+ High Speed - The classic all-rounder among planetary gearheads. The standard version is ideally suited for high positioning accuracy and highly dynamic cyclic operation. The SP HIGH SPEED is particularly well suited for applications with maximum speeds during continuous operation. View PDF
Wittenstein RP+ - The new high-performance planetary gearhead Sets standards in terms of power density, modularity and easy installation. The new RP+ gearhead series unites all the advantages of the proven WITTENSTEIN alpha gearheads. The RP+ high-performance planetary gearhead is optimized for rack-and-pinion applications. View PDF
Wittenstein Alpheno - alpheno® – A new dimension in perfection Takes gearhead performance to an entirely new level alpheno® means a quantum leap into a completely new dimension in planetary gearhead performance. For several years now, alpheno® has been the model of choice in many highly challenging applications. It fulfils requirements that go beyond the performance capabilities of […]