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Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services -- Lubrication Systems

Well-oiled machinery

Preventative maintenance

When your lubrication system is checked on a regular basis, you extend the life of your machinery and avoid costly downtime. With the Livingston & Haven preventative maintenance program, our technicians and engineers understand and can troubleshoot complex issues before they impact additional components and lead to major system malfunctions.

Repair services

At Livingston & Haven, we understand the nuances of lubrication systems –using the proper lubricants at just the right intervals. But even if you schedule your system to minimize friction and optimize the bearing life of your machinery, your lubrications may still require a reset. At Livingston & Haven, our experienced team has been trained to take a systematic approach and can service your lubrication system to your satisfaction – whatever the issue.

Our process

  1. Contact us. We’ll discuss your issue and schedule an appointment for an experienced field technician to visit your facility.
  2. We will examine your machinery and evaluate your lubrication system issues.
  3. You will receive a detailed inspection report.
  4. System testing will be to original tolerance and specification.
  5. If we determine your lubrication system has caused your machinery to be beyond repair and you need to purchase new, you will not pay teardown and inspection fees.

We facilitate everything and act as your quality control liaison. Repaired components or systems are returned to you as new remanufactured units or to factory standards and OEM specifications. You will receive full warranty coverage.

Our promise

We will get your lubrication system fully functioning again. We work as quickly and efficiently as possible and in some cases can provide rush service. But we do not cut corners – in time or products – to compromise quality. (And ask us about the Livingston & Haven preventative maintenance program.)

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