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Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services -- Overview

Your service support network

Full-service relationship

Let us partner with you to keep your highly technical systems continually performing at peak levels. Your Livingston & Haven team can become your service support network – assuming full responsibility for the uptime of your critical industrial machinery. As your partner, we would step up to help prevent or eliminate costly downtime in your facility. At L&H, we offer predictive monitoring, field service checks, equipment upgrades or refabrications, and more. Talk with us if you would like information about our full-service relationship.

Preventative maintenance program

When your equipment is checked on a regular basis, you extend the life of your components and avoid costly downtime. As machinery has become more sophisticated, so has the ability to diagnose it. With the Livingston & Haven preventative maintenance program, your system care will be in good hands. L&H technicians and engineers are trained to understand and troubleshoot complex issues before they impact additional components and lead to major system malfunctions. With the L&H preventative maintenance program, our experts can address issues before they become emergency repairs. Please click here to learn more about L&H’s machine monitoring solutions for preventative maintenance and performance management.


Livingston & Haven can handle most system repairs and should be the first call you make when your industrial equipment goes down. With more than 50 years of experience working with many other manufacturers’ products, L&H can either directly repair your system component or coordinate its repair

with a trusted source. Repair work not done in house is coordinated through original factories or factory-authorized facilities. Whether you need Hydraulic, Lubrication, Pneumatic or Indramat repair services, it is our skilled team’s goal to help get your product or system up and running.

Typical repairs include:

  • Pumps, cylinders, valves, lube pumps, hydraulic and lubrication motors
  • Repairs back to new remanufactured units or to factory standards
  • Tests and rebuilds in house (for certain brands/products)

If you’re not sure whether we can repair your system or component, ask us. Sometimes what you really need is a partner to facilitate and coordinate your repairs. We will not take on repair work we cannot deliver back to the industry’s highest quality standards, and we will not make promises we cannot keep.

Our process

  1. Contact us. We’ll determine whether you should send us your equipment or have an experienced field technician visit your facility.
  2. We will tear down the unit and quickly evaluate system issues and any parts that may need repair or replacement.
  3. You will receive a detailed inspection report.
  4. If we are working on your unit at L&H, we will provide tests and rebuilds in house, whenever possible. System testing will be to original tolerance and specification.
  5. If we do not repair your issue in house, we will coordinate your component’s repair and keep you updated throughout the process. If we determine your machine is beyond repair and you purchase a new one, you will not pay teardown and inspection fees.

We facilitate everything and act as your quality control liaison. Repaired components or systems are returned to you as new remanufactured units or to factory standards and OEM specifications. You will receive full warranty coverage.

Call us first

When the clock is ticking and your productivity is on the line, call L&H – your service support network and go-to problem solver. Call 1-800-825-4969. (And ask us about the Livingston & Haven preventative maintenance program.)

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