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Pneumatics - Vacuum Systems for Automation

Next-gen automation solutions

There is a science and an art to designing automation, and Livingston & Haven does it well. Fast, precise, integrated motion – L&H can help catapult your manufacturing processes to increase productivity and decrease costs. Partnering with Schmaltz vacuum systems (one of the industry’s best) and incorporating end-of-arm tooling, we engineer solutions that can accomplish just about anything, for any industry.

Whether in the machine construction, robotics, automotive or medical industry, we can tailor vacuum systems for automation to meet your facility’s requirements. Vacuum systems can handle work pieces that are fragile and small, like electronic chip or solar wafers, or cumbersome and large, such as furniture parts or heavy steel sheets.

End-of-arm tooling

Challenging to design, these devices are capable of precise, intricate maneuvers at a high rate of speed and motion. L&H will configure an innovative pneumatic end-of-arm tooling solution that can encompass grippers, rotary actuators, vacuums, controls, NCT units and valving technology – vastly increasing efficiency.

Area and layer-gripping systems (including suction spiders)

Receive a ready-to-connect system to enhance your robots’ capabilities. Testing prior to delivery ensures it will integrate well.

Layer-gripping systems are high-performance palletizers for warehousing and intralogistics, with industry-specific versions for glass, packaging, logistics and nesting. Together with palletizing robots and gantries, these systems increase production output. Use them to securely and safely grip layers with gaps, mixed or intermediate layers, pallets, cardboard and film packaging. There is no gripper changeover and set-up times when performing job changes, and layer-gripping systems can work in areas below 30° C (freezer industry friendly).

We design suction spiders to specification. Suction spiders allow automation of handling tasks in assembly and quality control processes. They link robots in presses and bending centers; automate plastic injection molding machines, deep drawing machines, machining centers for wood and plastics, water jet, laser and punching machines. With short cycle times, suction spiders can order picking in storage and distribution centers on industrial robots or gantries. Lightweight modular systems with standard and harmonized components, they can combine different gripping technologies (vacuum, mechanic, magnetic). Suction spiders also have intelligent valve modules for unused suction cups and offer enhanced process safety through integrated system monitoring and sensor technology.

Tube lifters (jumbo) and lifting devices (VacuMaster)

With Tube lifters (jumbo), you can slash the time it takes to move a 300 kg. load, such as cardboard boxes, bags, barrels and wooden boards. With a single operator, tube lifters are ideal for machine loading, shipping and picking areas while transporting loads quickly, precisely and damage free.

Move heavy loads weighing up to several tons with VacuMaster. Made of steel, aluminum and high-strength plastic, VacuMaster promises a long service life. A single operator can use this workhorse to handle large, flat, nonporous work pieces, including metal plates, wooden boards, plastic or glass sheets, barrels and windows. Safe and reliable thanks to a vacuum reservoir and audible warning device.

Lighten your load with VacuMaster lifting devices. Customize modules, operator handles, load beams and suction plates to fit your needs. Available in “basic” and “comfort” systems, VacuMaster lifting devices can also accommodate special load-bearing capacities and industry requirements.

Jib cranes and crane systems

These flexible, modular aluminum cranes work well with our tube lifters (jumbo) and VacuMaster systems. They speed up processes and allow high-precision positioning. Designed for handling and logistics processes, they feature high-quality, wear-resistant components and modern designs with anodized surfaces. Even as a stand-alone solution, our jib cranes and crane systems will save you time and money.

Column-mounted jib cranes: Fitted with anchors for floor mounting. Lift capacity up to 1,000 kg. (Option available for mobile base plate – lift capacity up to 200 kg.)

Crane systems: Install on ceiling or portal construction. Lift capacity up to 1,200 kg.

Industry 4.0 – Intelligent production

Industry 4.0 marries production and IT processes for a self-sustaining “intelligent factory” solution. Energy and process control is the basis of Industry 4.0 – gathering, interpreting and making data available in real time.

We now offer a range of devices to process data in real time. Fitted with comprehensive energy and process control functions, they gather and interpret data. These smart field devices – vacuum generators, vacuum and pressure switches and needle grippers – understand Industry 4.0 and come with the built-in intelligence to communicate in the factory of tomorrow. They gather important process data, interpret the data and communicate via IO-Link up to the master level. And predictive functions of devices like the compact ejector X-pump allow you to avoid unplanned machine downtime. With Industry 4.0, in the not-too-distant future products will be capable of facilitating their own processes.

Visions and benefits

  • Production becomes highly flexible and resource efficient
  • Individualization (batch size of 1) under efficient high-volume production conditions
    • Complex production and processes are manageable
    • Autonomous production – units organize themselves

Technology in transition

  • Increased networking replaces the traditional automation pyramid
  • Automation cloud allows intelligent devices and services to interact directly

Call us to automate your plant

As your partner in flexible manufacturing, we can provide as much or as little support as you require. Let L&H help devise a vacuum system for automation that moves your manufacturing light years ahead.

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