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Pneumatics - Manifolds

Efficient and intricate

If you have five or six valves with plumbing lines snaking all over, it’s easy to see that as a rat’s nest. Let Livingston & Haven simplify and minimize your system’s footprint into an elegant, custom pneumatic manifold.

L&H can transform your complex network of valves, hose, fittings and flow paths into one neat package. Rather than having 10 to 15 components spread across a machine, your custom manifold will be a compact block with custom paths – clean and leak free.


  • Save space
  • Reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs
  • Meet all your system specifications – tailored to your requirements


Depending on pressure or environmental requirements, we could use layers of acrylic and machine out pathways, setting another layer of acrylic on top of it and doing a press fit that welds levels together. We can do pathways and intricate designs that you could never configure with just a machine and a block. We could add a cylinder to a machine and easily create an additional valve. And contingent upon the components or materials we use, fast turnaround is possible.

L&H can:

  • Create an innovative solution from scratch
  • Provide a custom solution in 48 hours (if utilizing Aventics ES05 or Koganei F10 series)
  • Reconfigure your existing system
  • Meet your industry requirements for any applications

L&H provides manifolds for OEMs in a variety of industries, including the medical industry, where size, troubleshooting, maintenance and appearance are all critical factors. Properly designed and tested manifolds will improve your manufacturing plant’s bottom line. Let L&H show you how.

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