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Pneumatics - High Pressure Systems and Test Stands

We work great under pressure

Safe and effective solutions for high-pressure applications

For 70-plus years, Livingston & Haven has been working under pressure in fluid power. So we are experts in devising high-pressure pneumatic systems that offer a reliable and low-cost means to harness the power of compressed air, noble gases and/or liquids.

Integrating Haskel products, L&H can design solutions to answer your manufacturing challenges. We have the capability to:

  • Create test stands
  • Harness high-pressure liquid pumping systems and recovery gas booster technology
  • Design high-pressure valves and controls, feedback devices and transducers to help manage the system

Test stands – from minute to mammoth

Our test stand capabilities can involve testing a pressure vessel from very small to very large, depending upon the time frame – from 0-10 psi all the way up to 100,000 psi on the hydraulic side. Building around Haskel’s small air-driven hydraulic pump, L&H can provide an economical means of generating high-pressure testing that builds to 100,000 psi.

We can integrate pneumatic technology along with our aluminum extrusion products to meet any specialized needs. For one such example, L&H built a test stand for an aerospace client. The design featured fixtures that could test airplane componentry up to roughly 1,000 psi. The component was inserted between two flanges, clamped together with an actuator to hold in place with 4,000 pounds of linear thrust using proportional controls to handle test pressures while monitoring leakage across the device.

We’ve built test stands for manufacturers who require leak-free components, including automotive companies’ gas tanks and pipe manufacturers. Quality control demands testing in their process to guarantee they don’t end up with $1 million of scrap on their plant floor. When you combine MGE, our various automation and clamping technologies, our control capabilities with data collection and our ability to build pressure and control flow, L&H can provide any pneumatic test stand for your company.

Building pressure is one aspect, but if you can’t transfer it from point to point, you’re in trouble. To design better systems, L&H partners with top industrial brands for high-pressure connection components, steel tubing and compression fittings.


Air-driven liquid pumps

L&H has two primary liquid pump systems – compact while providing the requisite amount of application pressure:

  • High-pressure washing systems – For automotive fuel injectors, pumps are deployed as a high-pressure washer into a turbine blade to clean out metal shavings. Pump corrosive fluids, non-corrosive fluids or standard water into washing systems. L&H provides controls and the machine frame to Haskel systems.
  • Clamping circuits – For low flow, low volume applications, they provide the smooth motion or power of a hydraulic system. L&H has configured a system to give precision control over downstream pressure going into a cylinder.

Air-driven gas pistons

Ideally suited for gas-pressure increases, high-pressure gas transference, cylinder charging and scavenging.

Air amplifiers

Compact source of amplified air (or noble gases) for high-pressure industrial applications.

Examples of our systems

L&H has configured stands where we are charging bladder accumulators up to 4-5,000 psi. For one client, we designed a special accumulator-charging system. They bring their accumulators into a shop with a bulk storage tank where nitrogen is pumped into bottles up to 4,500 psi. This enables them to connect the bottles, flip a switch and reduce their downtime on a line.

We’ve done quite a bit with bulk storage or gas distributors. Tube trailers haul huge volumes of compressed gas, and we’ve created some systems that pump air gas from a truck into K bottles.

For the applications where air-amplifier systems were deployed, we addressed zone pressure control, where it may be 80 psi in most of the plant but 120 psi is needed in one area. It is easier to put a small air-amplifier system with a tank in one area versus altering the overall plant pressure. We have designed systems that incorporate air prep, on-off control valving and a reservoir.

We are currently working on a system to extract oils from botanical products. This system involves pumping high-pressure liquid CO2 to a supercritical state, where it behaves like a liquid but is technically still a gas. As new needs arise, our engineers continue to innovate systems and solutions.

How can we help?

L&H can assist you with your high-pressure systems and test stands. As your partner in flexible manufacturing, we can provide as much or as little support as you require.

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“High-pressure systems can be very dangerous, and that’s an area where I think not enough emphasis is put on it. You can blow things and people up pretty easily.”
–Robert Mattoon, Pneumatic Specialist, Livingston and Haven