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Pneumatics - Flexible Manufacturing

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Providing the right level of support

Are you just starting up and demand for your product is outpacing your ability to manufacture? Or perhaps your in-house engineers lack extensive pneumatic experience? With flexible manufacturing, Livingston & Haven can become an extension of your team. Our engineers and technicians, who are highly skilled in pneumatics, can adapt their support to fit your requirements, filling in the gaps or overhauling an entire system. You will have the assistance you need when you want it, including on-site installation.

Example of flexible manufacturing

L&H has a client that manufactures large ovens for the baking industry. But this company’s staff is not particularly proficient in pneumatics. To support their needs, we designed a pneumatic solution with valves and electrical wiring for gate control and gate valve control for their long industrial ovens. The solution featured a panel extending the length of the machine with plumbing installed by our skilled pneumatic field personnel. It’s a valuable service we can deliver, especially when pneumatics is not part of a company’s core competency.

Proficient in pneumatics technology

Whatever your industry, L&H can assist you with pneumatic technology utilizing high-pressure systems and test stands, manifolds, clamping fixtures, vacuum systems for automation and air logic panels. As your partner in flexible manufacturing, we can provide as much or as little support as you require.

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