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Pneumatics - Air Logic Panels

Your resource for air logic technology

Air logic panels and circuitry are probably not something you need on a regular basis. But when you do, Livingston & Haven is a great resource for this technology. Our skilled engineers can create complex air logic circuitry systems for your plant when the need arises.

We are a partner supplier of Aventics and expertly train with their products, configurator tools, scheme editor and design tools. Incorporating Aventics, we have most of what we need to design your logic circuits, including pneumatic counters, one-shot valves, shuttle valves and various air-piloted valves. Once we design your air logic system, we provide you with the complete schematics. Moving forward, you will have everything you need to operate your air logic panels and understand how they work.

Applications for air logics

Air logic panels can provide all the functions of PLCs with just air pathways and air pressures – no electrical controls necessary. Air logic controls can perform any function handled by pressure switches, counters and relays. Water can splash on the controls without affecting them and if there is an external explosion the compressed air will not ignite. They are a smart alternative for several applications, including areas where:

  • Electricity should not be an energy source – sparks could ignite an explosion
  • Exposure to water is a possibility – electrical devices are at risk
  • Moisture or dust is high – impacting relay logic circuits or computers

Let L&H help:

  • Build a pneumatic conveyor with this technology
  • Design an entire air logic circuit – from creating a panel to plumbing it up and providing a turnkey solution

Call us for help

L&H can assist with your air logic systems. As your partner in flexible manufacturing, we can provide as much or as little support as you require.

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