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Hydraulics - Turnkey Capabilities

Your partner for the long haul

At Livingston & Haven, we are with you from start to finish and beyond. Our mechanical, hydraulic and controls engineers will work with you to develop a solution and then fabricate it. After your hydraulic system has been built and is running, our field service engineers and technicians are available at all times to fine-tune issues.

We’ll partner with you to:

  • Build systems to meet your specifications, including ASME, API and SAE
  • Interpret and manage critical communication between system components
  • Acquire vital data through testing and measuring
  • Build 3-D models of the final assembly and all parts, providing documentation (in any language) for replacements or second runs
  • Provide remote monitoring for predictive maintenance and startup assistance
  • Troubleshoot, fine-tuning your system at any time

Count on your L&H team to:

  • Fabricate hydraulic and electrical systems (PC-, PLC-, motion-controlled), plumbed wired to any specification, including NEMA, NFPA, NEC, ISO, DIN
  • Program the system for you, including working with integrators for any platforms
  • Install piping, tubing and electrical conduit or wiring to your specifications
  • Work with your operators and programmers and train your associates to any level
  • Service your systems, from comprehensive maintenance to cleaning your fluids annually to meet ISO cleanliness specs

We are here for the duration, whether you need help engineering and installing your hydraulic systems or want assistance with troubleshooting, startup training and remote monitoring.

At L&H, we offer turnkey peace of mind that never ends.

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“When we say ‘turnkey,’ we mean all the way from concept to keeping it running.”
–Craig Hill