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Hydraulics - Test Stands and Test Equipment

No limits to specialized testing

For decades, Livingston & Haven has been designing test equipment for a multitude of industries. The process always begins with you, our customer. We go into the field and assess the product to test. We run through flow, pressure and motion profiles to verify that it will meet your specifications, designing and building to acquire the data you need.

At Livingston & Haven, there are no limits. Tell us what you need, and we can take you there with horsepower, flow, pressure, speed and control. We can test with any fluids, including petroleum, water or synthetics. With extensive experience in the industrial market, we understand the impact of these issues and apply that to your test equipment. We cycle components, gather data and evaluate any failure modes using custom test equipment.

We serve a full spectrum of industries and can design to meet your requirements. For an automotive supplier, we have tested cartridge valves for diesel engines, checking pressure and flow profiles and measuring for small leakages and creating detailed data records for perpetuity. We have provided test equipment for NASCAR transmissions and chassis dynos that test suspension characteristics for each car, verifying specifications and evaluating the effect the track had when retesting. We have provided pressure vessel test equipment for accumulator tanks – and can test as high as 80,000 psi. We have built systems that slam a door a million times and burst testers to determine yield pressure for airbag propellant chambers.

We build test equipment to your specifications and can acquire data according to your quality assurance plan. We are not a specification company, but our components will meet any regulations, including ASME, SAE, API, and we can provide control packages that work for your company.

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“We are not intimidated by anything – we will work with you to meet your test needs.”
–Craig Hill