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Hydraulics - Manifolds

Compact efficiency

At Livingston & Haven, we can consolidate your valves and components into a custom manifold to do just about anything – the possibilities for efficiency are endless. Our custom manifolds can save space and reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs while meeting all your specifications for industrial or mobile applications. Your L&H engineered solution doesn’t have to be multiple valves to manifold; we can build custom manifolds that are ported.

L&H can use any conventional materials for your custom manifold. Depending on pressure or environmental requirements, we can utilize double iron or anodized aluminum in any color. We can use stainless steel up to 6000 psi and create blocks that weigh up to 5,000 lbs. We can configure pressure and temperature, transducers and switches into your manifold. We can put any valve in your manifold, add filters or assemble a junction header block.

L&H can:

  • Custom design, from simple header manifolds to fully integrated systems
  • Provide testing, kitting and sub-assemblies
  • Produce integrated hydraulic valve manifolds, circuit manifolds and more
  • Meet your requirements for industrial and mobile applications

L&H provides manifolds for OEMs in a variety of industries, including:

  • Mobile side: Construction, mining, rail, agriculture and off-road mobile equipment
  • Industrial side: Steel, pulp and paper, press manufacturing and other heavy industries

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Properly designed and tested manifolds will condense your machining processes and improve your manufacturing plant’s bottom line. Let L&H show you how.

“We can do anything with a custom block; there are really no limitations. The beauty of using a custom manifold with cartridges is you can put everything in one block and save money just on the pure cost of metal you’re going to have versus using a lot of line bodies. You just have one common pressure and tank line going through a block, and you can run line hoses out for each function as need be and not run a pressure and tank line to every single function you have. Custom manifolds have become huge, and we can always come up with a new solution.” – Tanner Garland, L&H Mobile Industry Specialist