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Hydraulics - Lubrication Systems

Extend the life of your machinery

Livingston & Haven can create a lubrication system for most specifications and bearing sizes, helping to protect your machinery and accelerate your operations.

We design, manufacture and install all kinds of lubrication systems, and we welcome the opportunity to work with varied specifications, layouts and configurations. We build from small, single-bearing systems to those with hundreds of gallons of oil to keep machinery cool.

As a full-service facility, if a system is pumping oil or grease, L&H can filter, control, monitor and condition it. We can lubricate your products with greases and oils with viscosities as high as 460 SUS. We have vast experience cooling, heating and also sizing components for very viscous fluids. We can ISO check fluids with our equipment and can put it online to measure ISO levels of oil. L&H can also manufacture and install large gear spray systems that can spray viscous grease.

L&H can install systems up to 8-inch pipe, butt welded to ASME X-ray specs installed in the field, or run a mini tube to all your bearings from a distribution system. We have controls in house to manage the distributions.

In addition to greasing bearings, we can spray chains to meet your system’s lubrication requirements. We’ve designed to specifications for ASME B31 welding of the pipe, cleanliness, conditioning and temperatures.

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From the simple to more complex systems, we offer:

  • Orifice – easy to install and inexpensive, this system is oil only and is used in many small milling machines.
  • Injector – using an electric- or air-operated pump, this system positively pushes grease or oil into a bearing or onto a chain. Our Graco system (like a Lincoln-injected, fitting into Lincoln injector systems) requires Grade 1 grease. We can build from peanut-sized to GL-1 injectors (6” tall), designed to accommodate volume requirements.
  • Series progressive – using an electric- or air-operated pump, this system has a fixed output based upon the ratio of the bearing (a 4” bearing generally needs twice as much grease as a 2” bearing). Beginning with a master block that feeds several blocks, those blocks then deliver fluids to the bearing. Series progressive provides feedback, and if any bearing does not take grease or oil, the system will shut down. Indicator pins point to where high pressure is and the problem requires fixing. Our featured product line, which is supplied by Graco, allows both grease and oil with the option to add an air-oil system, spraying air-oil onto a chain or bearing as needed.
  • Dual-line – this is a distribution block that has 2, 4, 6 or 8 outlets and will feed that number of bearings. Choose based upon how many bearings you have in a particular location. It is adjustable, but does not provide good feedback. It can run very thick grease for very long distances; we have dual-line systems that supply 2,500 bearings off of one pump location.
  • Large systems – options include bearing and lift and lube systems with a wide range of specifications. We’ve built several for the American Petroleum Institute (API) to go into chemical plants with 30,000-gallon reservoirs pumping 600-800 gallons per minute. For an aluminum rolling mill, we built a large system using an exotic fluid to cool the hydraulic fluid and prevent the product from being stained by hydraulic oils. We’ve fabricated systems with reservoirs from 300-500 gallons with flow capacities of 300-500 gallons per minute, used primarily for lubricating and cooling gearboxes. For turbines for many major manufacturers, we’ve built lift and lube systems to float the shaft for hydrostatic bearings (with the lift at about 4,700 psi), supplying both the lift and lubrication.

Bring L&H your toughest lubrication challenge and we will deliver to you a customized solution.

“We welcome your specifications – we understand what they mean, what it takes to meet them and all their references.”
–Bob Decker, Vice President of Product & Technology