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Hydraulics - Industrial Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Your source for one-of-a-kinds

Livingston & Haven has been in the industrial power unit business for 50-plus years, and we have set the standard for non-standard. We take the industry norm and modify it, building your one-of-a-kind power unit for hydraulic systems.

Your parameters will drive our engineered solution, so tell us:

  • What you want it to do
  • How fast you want it to go
  • What forces and controllability you need

We will design from a greenfield and then fabricate, install and provide your associates with startup training. Your power unit will not conform to a package out of a catalog, and your customized solution will be from front to back, as we begin by adding controls and valve stacks. For energy efficiency and high functionality, we utilize VFDs and servo-controlled pumps. All systems are tested for flows, pressures and operations. We do not have true load, but we can simulate it with hydraulic loads through our test equipment. L&H will accommodate all your specs for painting, electrical wiring and welding. Everything is ISO documented with quality assurance plans according to our ISO 9001:2015 certification and our facility is UL Certified as a panel shop.

Base capabilities

  • Welding: Most materials, including stainless and carbon. Butt weld, and socket weld TIG and MIG with certified testing including x-ray.
  • Wiring: Any, up to Class 1-Div 1-explosion-proof.

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Application examples

“Standard” is a 5- to 200-gallon reservoir with pump, motor, filter and cooler that can be ordered out of a catalog. If that’s what you need, our sales staff can help you select the design. But at L&H, we excel in creating what you can’t pick out of a book – an engineered solution for everything from systems with 20,000-gallon reservoirs, 1,200 horsepower installed, pumping 700 to 800 gallons per minute down to 1-gallon reservoirs pumping a half-gallon per minute.

For a turnkey product, we can marry complete hydraulic systems with complete motion control or PC- or PLC-based control to your unit. We have sent equipment all over the world through our OEMs, and we can provide documentation in French, Russian and Arabic, whatever language you need.

Because we are allowed to build using components that our distribution group doesn’t represent, we can design the precise power unit your hydraulic system requires. Bring us your problem and we will deliver your solution – on time, with all the boxes checked.

“There is nothing we won’t tackle, from the smallest, one-cylinder, half-gallon unit to the largest, servo-controlled, high-end systems.”
–Craig Hill