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Electromechanical Automation - Material Handling

Smarter systems to move and transform your materials

Sensing, machine intelligence and robotics have enhanced capabilities to further automate your manufacturing tasks. Technologically advanced systems that are safe and streamlined will reduce your overall costs and lead times. These systems are highly productive and collaborative.

Your L&H engineers and technicians can incorporate Cartesian or Gantry robotics, line actuators and high-speed overhead robotics into your material handling system. We can design, integrate and customize conveyors, fabricating components and technology into a functioning system. We can also design customized production lines, workstations and material staging areas – or modify those that you currently utilize.

L&H can create a one-op conveyor system, integrating pneumatics, sensors, controls and customized mechanical gates and diverters. We specialize in assembly conveyors but can also provide systems for seamless production of primary and secondary packaging. Flexible systems can be interconnected and controlled by an integrated computer system, accommodating no interruptions in production.

We have developed effective systems for automotive, small engine assembly, artillery, solar, medical, personal care and food products.

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By optimizing quality people and quality components, like Bosch Rexroth TS and VarioFlow plus conveyors, L&H can:

  • Fabricate a little or a lot, including developing the controls for smaller assembly or palate systems
  • Address multiple stations and high-speed production
  • Provide conveyor pneumatics
  • Install and modify guides for both VarioFlow plus and TS conveyor systems
  • Partner with an integrator when utilizing specialized technology not within our expertise
  • Provide controls or modular remote I/O systems, reducing cables and saving time and money
  • Create an adaptable and scalable system that will grow with your company’s needs

For secondary packaging, as a certified Rexroth VarioFlow ProBuilder your L&H team can develop precise, flexible, energy efficient systems to move your products horizontally, vertically, on incline or decline (think alpine switchbacks or waterfalls) and over long distances. This modular conveyor system is quiet and suitable for many manufacturing environments.