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Electromechanical Automation - Machine Vision Inspection

Evaluate more data in less time

A machine vision system can evaluate objects with more accuracy and at a faster rate than ever before. The data collected from these images can translate to more efficient manufacturing. At Livingston & Haven, we can help you create a machine vision inspection system that will not only help you quickly identify problems in your manufacturing process but also improve quality control. Our goal is to create a vision inspection solution that streamlines and error-proofs your process, speeds up your production and decreases your costs.

Our process begins with a visit to your facility to review your applications and collect samples to take back to the L&H test lab. The systems we integrate could include everything from simple black-and-white, blob detection and measurement, to infrared or thermal, full-color applications. They might require a single camera or many cameras, for more complex applications involving multi-dimensional objects, such as a car dashboard. Information can be output over Ethernet or discrete I/O to an existing PLC or data can be tracked to a remote server or local hard drive. Software can be front-end customized and can feature iNspect or Sherlock packages. You can use both together with GigE cameras connected to a DALSA vision appliance or other GigE compatible industrial computer.

Livingston & Haven’s vision inspection systems and products can benefit any automation system. We can communicate with any PLC, over Ethernet, a serial connection or Discrete I/O. Once we evaluate your needs, we may determine that rather than a vision inspection system, you should incorporate RFID or motion sensor technology. We will recommend the appropriate, cost-effective solution.

Teledyne DALSA, our vision solutions partner, manufactures everything from the camera to the sensor. With the latest technology providing an increase in the volume of images per second and the means by which you can access it, communicate it and store it, L&H has all the tools to help you improve manufacturing efficiency. Let L&H help you integrate or upgrade your vision inspection system – and utilize real-time information in new and effective ways.

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