Automation & Mechanical Technologies (Mechatronics) 2020-06-05T13:13:01-04:00

Automation & Mechanical Technologies (Mechatronics)

Solutions designed to maximize your plant’s performance

Livingston & Haven’s team combines the newest technology with automation expertise to ramp-up material handling and data efficiency. Whether you represent an OEM, systems integrator or manufacturing plant seeking automation solutions, we can dovetail our capabilities to partner with you and devise a custom automation solution.

We are proficient in solutions that benefit a wide breadth of industries, from machine tools and high-speed printing and packaging, to complete automotive transfer lines with integrated robotics. Tell us about your system and we will provide the technology that best suits your application requirements. L&H understands motion control and how to maximize its performance.

We’ll partner with you to:

  • Provide premier, specialized motion-control product and system solutions (electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic)
  • Utilize the correct technology for the application – from synchronized multi-axis motion control to simple coordinated or sequential two-axis motion – as your needs and applications dictate
  • Incorporate Cartesian or Gantry robotics, line actuators and high-speed overhead robotics
  • Design, integrate and customize conveyors, fabricating components and technology into a functioning system
  • Integrate machine vision capabilities, tailored to suit your system
  • Design customized production lines, workstations and material staging areas
  • Provide UL 508A certified control panels and engineering services
  • Design custom machine guarding
  • Monitor machinery and provide efficiency and predictive maintenance reporting
  • Offer services from software programming and coding to installation troubleshooting and training

It’s time to increase productivity and reduce costs through mechanical and electrical automation. The evolution of higher efficiency is underway, and L&H can help you reach the cutting edge.

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