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We provide design, assembly and installation for all types of automatic lubrication.

We also repair and retrofit old and obsolete systems. As a certified lubrication distributor, we can provide spare and replacement parts as well as service and repair for most major brands.

Maximizing the OEE of your machinery requires lubrication at precise intervals. Manual lubrication is imprecise & will inherently over- and under-lubricate, both of which reduce productivity. But automatic lubrication delivers a precise amount of grease or oil at a predefined interval, ensuring optimal lubrication while the machine is running.

Advantages of automatic lubrication include:

The right amount of lubrication at the right time. Smaller amounts, more often, provide optimal lubrication.
Lubricates as the machine is running, reducing downtime and eliminating labor to access lube points.
Increases safety, reducing personnel exposure to hazards.

Single Point Lubricators

Single point systems are ideal when lube points are few or spread over a large area. Single point lubricators typically dispense grease and can be ordered with almost any type of grease and single point oil systems are available. Applications for single point lubricators include conveyors, electric motors, pumps, blowers, fans.

Series Progressive Systems

Series progressive systems work with both oils and greases utilizing a centrally located reservoir and pump feeding configurable lube blocks for multi-point lubrication. The series progressive operating principle allows for system monitoring and feedback to detect blocked ports.

Typical applications for series progressive systems include manufacturing equipment, presses, slitters, injection molding machines, steel mills, rolling mills, continuous caster, as well as mobile equipment like loaders, dozers, and earth movers.

Volumetric Systems (Injectors)

Single line injection systems are ideal for multipoint lubrication spread over a larger area. They utilize positive displacement injectors (PDI) to dispense a precise amount of oil or grease regardless of temperature or viscosity of the lubrication.

Typical applications for single line lubes systems include saw mills, paper machines, injection molding machines, and mobile equipment.

Central Lube Systems

Central lube systems are typically oil based, closed loop systems consisting of a reservoir, pump, filters, and flow controls. Also referred to circulating or recirculating lube oil systems.

Circulating lube oil systems are typically used for stamping presses, paper machines, gear boxes, rock crushers, and large industrial machines.

Chain Oil Lubrication Systems

Chain conveying systems are utilized in many industrial applications and run continuously, often in harsh environments including high heat, wash down, dust and debris. It is imperative to keep the chains lubricated to prevent premature failure and expensive downtime.

Chain oil lubrication systems can be found in industries such as automotive, aggregate, food/beverage, heat treat furnaces, automated paint lines, and many others. L&H provide solutions to maintain proper application of lube without messy over lubrication.

Fluid Power Capabilites

If you require assistance in developing a lubrication solution or maintaining & troubleshooting an existing lube system, please fill out the form below or send a detailed email to [email protected]. One of our technicians will contact you to see how can assist.

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