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Industrial Hydraulics



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Your Custom Solutions Team from Concept to Installation and Maintenance

We design, manufacture, install and startup hydraulics systems, and we welcome any challenge. Our team applies 75 years of experience and best practices to help you create your system – our customized solutions are second-to-none.

Our team can:

  • Meet ISO, ASME, API & SAE Standards
  • Manage critical communication between system components
  • Acquire vital data through testing and measuring
  • Build 3-D models with documentation
  • Provide remote monitoring for predictive maintenance and startups
  • Provide troubleshooting and training
  • Design, build and maintain hydraulic machines, industrial power units, test stands, lubrication systems, mobile systems, assemblies and manifolds
From Concept and 3D Design….

with documentation and to your specific needs

…to Building and System Completion

including fabrication & testing, with support in troubleshooting & training.

Our Team

L&H has 75 years of experience designing unique and complex systems. We are total solution providers.

Custom Hydraulic Power Units
  • Single pump 1 gallon units to multi-pump 5000 gallon units
  • In-house engineering to develop custom systems
    • 3D design and full documentation
    • Validation testing
    • Contamination control
  • Power from 1/2 HP to 1700 HP
  • Energy efficient designs using horsepower limiting pumps
    with load sense control
  • Full integration of controls, operator interface, and system monitoring
  • Sytronix – variable speed pump drives
    • Energy savings to 80%, noise reduction, reduced heat
      generation, multi-ethernet control
    • Drop-in pressure and motor speed control of variable
      piston pumps to 200 HP and 85 gpm
    • Full control of pressure
System Upgrades
  • Hydraulic power unit rebuild, rework, and modernization
  • Energy savings – electronic pressure and flow pump control
  • Upgrade systems to closed loop motion control of pressure, flow, speed, and position
  • Improve filtration and heat removal
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Simplify maintenance and minimize system downtime
Custom Manifolds & Valve Stands
  • Consolidate valves and components
  • Custom design for your application
  • Flows up to 2,000 gpm with pressures up to 10,000 psi
  • Integrated hydraulic valve manifolds, circuit manifolds and custom valve stands
Filtration & Accumulators
  • Filtration
    • Return, pressure, and off-line loops for any size flow
    • Monitor contamination, pressure drop, and filter life
    • Filtration and water removal carts
  • Accumulators and accumulator stand assemblies
    • Diaphragm to 1 gallon and 10,000 psi
    • Bladder to 15 gallon and 10, 000 psi
    • Piston to 100 gallon and 10,000 psi
    • Accumulator safety blocks with relief and zero state dump valves
  • Power – up to 300 HP 460 VAC 3 Phase
  • Flow – up to 300 gpm
  • Full instrumentation (pressure, flow, temperature, noise,
    speed, and position)
  • FAT/ Witness testing on-site and output data for validation
  • Digital test results
  • Medium to Heavy-Duty NFPA tie rod cylinder options available from 1.5” through 24” bore sizes with pressure ratings ranging from 1800psi on Medium-Duty to 3,000psi on Heavy-Duty
  • Variety of mounting styles available
  • Choose from mill type cylinders, press cylinders, double-welded cylinders and custom designed cylinders
  • Cylinder repair options available
Industrial Pumps & Motors
  • Wide range of high pressure pumps and motors to fit any industrial application
  • Range of hydraulic pumps from internal and external gear pumps to axial piston pumps, gerotor pumps, vane pumps, radial piston pumps and electro-hydraulic pumps
  • Range of hydraulic motors from external gear motors to axial piston motors, to Hägglunds radial piston motors

Fluid Power Capabilites

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