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Hydraulic Hose Testing

Livingston & Haven provides hydraulic hose assembly and pressure testing for customers that require safety and test certifications for the products that will be installed on their equipment.  From OEM specifications to common ASTM, and SAE standards, Livingston & Haven can properly evaluate and qualify many different varieties of metal, rubber, and pvc hose assemblies. The types or hose assemblies that we commonly test include:

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Chemical & Material handling hoses
  • Brake lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Transmission lines
  • Power steering hoses
  • Intercooler hoses
  • Turbocharger hoses
  • Steel tube assemblies, and more.

Design, Purpose, and Function:

Hoses are hydrostatically (with water) tested to a specified pressure for a specified amount of time.  Standard test is 1.5 times the hose’s listed working pressure for 90 seconds.  However, we can accommodate other testing requirements.

For the test, hose assemblies will be built and then capped/plugged on one end and filled with water.  Test pressure will then be applied to the assembly to the specified amount and held for the specified time.  Our technician will inspect for any leaks while hose is under pressure.  After testing time has passed, (and if there are no leaks) pressure will be released from the hose assembly.  The hose assembly will be detached from test rig and blown out with air pressure.  From there, the hose assembly will be blown out with UltraClean projectiles to remove any residual water or contamination.  Next, the hose assembly will be sealed with heat shrink caps to avoid future contamination.   Lastly, the hose assembly will be tagged with any information that our customer requires. We can also complete a Certificate of Conformance and/or testing certification to go along with the tested hose assemblies.

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