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HYDAC provides fluid power solutions to OEM's, manufacturers and end users of a variety of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment.

HYDAC was founded in 1963 as a company for hydraulic accessories and is today an internationally active company group with over 9000 employees, 50 branch offices and 500 trade and service partners world-wide.

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Hydac is a world leader in providing fluid power solutions to OEM’s, manufacturers, and end users alike. Although industry demands are ever increasing, the solutions which Hydac has to offer provides increased efficiency, longevity, and safety of fluid power systems. By actively looking to improve on existing products as well as develop new technologies, they are able to offer product lines which meet and often exceed the demands of modern equipment.

Filtration / Fluid Conditioning
Hydac offers a full line of low, medium, and high pressure filters and fluid conditioning systems. With products capable of handling flows up to 3960 gpm and pressures up to 14,500 psi, there is a solution for every application. To compliment the conventional products, there is also the filter systems line which includes diagnostic products as well as off-line filters for maximum particulate, water, and oil-aging contaminant removal. Also included in this category is bulk diesel transfer and on-board diesel filtration.

Hydraulic Accumulators
With over 50 years of experience in the accumulator world, Hydac is manufacturing all 3 types of hydraulic accumulators: bladder, diaphragm, and piston. Regardless of the application, Hydac has the capability to build the accumulator required. They also offer a full range of accumulator accessories, including nitrogen bottles, pulsation dampeners, safety / shutoff blocks, charging & gauging kits, and mounting components.

Heat Exchangers & Coolers / Cooling Systems
Coolers are vital to a hydraulic system in order to maintain the proper working qualities of the fluid. There is a full range of both industrial and mobile coolers, in various types and sizes. Products range from standard air over oil coolers, brazed plate heat exchangers, gasket plate heat exchangers, chillers, and system solutions for specific applications. Cooling systems would incorporate pumps, filters, as well as coolers or heat exchangers in order to adequately keep the fluid at the temperature required.

Compact Hydraulics
Hydac has a full line of pressure, flow, and directional cartridge valves along with proportional pressure and flow control valves. Numerous flow rates, pressure ranges, and coil options are available to tailor to any application. They also have the ability to manufacture manifolds and line bodies to create any valve assembly required. Compact power units are also available which can incorporate various Hydac products, such as cartridge valves, filters, accumulators, and other accessories. The Bieri product line is available for high pressure solutions, which offers pumps, valves, and sensors up to 14,500 psi.

Electronics & Control Technology
There is almost no hydraulic or pneumatic system which cannot be monitored and controlled by Hydac measurement technology. With a full line of pressure, temperature, fluid level, and flow transducers and switches, nearly any parameter can be monitored. There are also multiple options available for hand-held data recorders and other diagnostic tools, as well as fluid condition sensors. Hydac has also partnered with TT Control Technologies to provide an extensive range of modules, cards, plug amplifiers, controllers, and displays to meet the modern hydraulic, electronic, and mechanic needs.

Process & Water Filtration
Hydac has the ability to filter service water for industrial manufacturing processes, whether it be cleaning, cutting, washing, flushing, seal, or cooling water. The product line ranges from the automatic back-filters (AutoFilt), in-line simplex and duplex filters, bag filters, and basket strainers depending on the application requirements.

Hydac offers custom hydraulic cylinders in welded, mill, and hybrid type. With bore sizes ranging from 5 – 20 inches, and strokes up to 300 inches, these cylinders provide excellent solutions for a variety of applications. Each cylinder is tested at 150% of the max allowable working pressure utilizing high intensity ultraviolet technology to ensure functionality and safety before shipping to the customer.

Mobile Hydraulics
Regardless of the application, Hydac has a mobile valve that will meet the requirements. Whether manually or electrically operated, there is a full line of highly advanced valves which can optimize the controllability and performance of the machine. All valves can be tailored to customer requirements, including solutions such as customized spools and incorporating other Hydac products into the product.

There are multiple products which are used to compliment hydraulic systems which Hydac offers. Hydac offers a full line of ball valves, both low and high pressure, which can also be automated by use of pneumatic or electrical actuators. Various accessory valves are also available, such as flow controls, hose break, shuttle valves, and angle seat valves. Hydac coaxial valves are a great solution for any process with aggressive media or harsh environments. There is also a full range of clamps, including DIN 3015, cushion, Buegu, U-bolt, Oval, quick release swivel bolt, as well as custom clamps and band straps. For reservoirs, there are multiple options of breathers, filler breathers, and desiccant breathers for maximum moisture removal. Other accessories would include suction strainers, fluid level indicators, gauge isolators, test points, gauges and split flanges.