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Compliments from our Customers

At Livingston & Haven, we work hard every day to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. Our associates strive to create solutions that will get their company back up and running, no matter what time of day. 

May, 2016: Customer Feedback

Mr. Gillig,

Please let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your exceptional organization.

I bought some equipment overseas and it was shipped without the appropriate connectors. After some research I came across your company and was referred to Matthew Mixon who, with the sketchy info I had, patiently helped me get closer to a solution. He introduced me to Jim Zak and they both identified the special part I needed and had it sent to me. While the part was right, the foreign connection did not match quite right. Mr. Zak further researched this and referred me to your retail counter in Charlotte where George King knew exactly how to solve the final problem within minutes.

Even at the warehouse where I picked up the main part, the personnel were exceptionallu courteous and had the part ready for me.

Mr. Gillig, I was the founder and CEO of a textile manufacturing company with 880 employees and I know the challenges of managing several operations. I have rarely come across a very large corporation like yours where everyone was truly interested in serving a customer (with special requests) with a more professional and personal involvement than in your company. I want to express my admiration to you and feel that you should know what your true assets are.


Kindest regards and appreciation,

Hans Lengers   

April, 2016:  We had the opportunity to help Gestamp when they needed it most. At the very end of the day one of their presses went down due to a servo issue. Below is a message we received the next day thanking our associates for their dedication and professionalism: 

Subject: Excellent service

Mr. Zimmerman:

I am writing to tell you about a great experience I recently had with some of your team members.  Last week we had one of our presses go down with a servo issue.  We needed some parts expedited in as fast as we could possibly get them.  I called your office in North Carolina and spoke with Ms. Audrey Drumheller.  She really came through for us. She located the part we needed and stayed until I don’t know how late to make sure the part was picked up by the courier that she arranged. It was probably 4:45 pm when I called. 

We had our part in Chattanooga by 11:30 that same evening. When I arrived at 11:00 that evening, John Welsh and Nayan Ramnanan were on site for support. They had us up and running within 30 minutes. It was an exemplary customer service experience all the way around. It is nice to know that we can rely on Livingston & Haven for any need we may have. 

With all this said, I can’t fail to mention the service I receive on normal calls to your office that are handled by Sheila Austin. She probably has the fastest turnaround on requests for quotes of anyone I deal with anywhere. We recently submitted a large order for replacement parts for a new production line that we and it had several mistakes on our end. She caught them and made the correct suggestions for every error that was on the PO she received. 

I want to thank you and your team members again for being such an asset to us.

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