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Full service fabrication at Livingston & Haven

Utilizing industry-leading machinery & software, we specialize in cutting, bending & bracketry for sheet metals and many other materials. Let L&H provide you with fast, efficient and professional results.

Integrated Capabilities
  • Range of Material Capabilities
  • Variable Thickness Capabilities
  • Bending up to 220 tons
  • All Manufacturing, Assembly & Testing
  • Engineering & Design Integration
  • Full Welding Ability (ASME, AWS)
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification
  • Paint booth with standard and custom colors and powder coating options available
State of the Art Machinery
  • Flow Mach 500 Waterjet
  • Amada ENSIS 3015 Fiber Lasers
  • Amada HRB Press Brakes

Mild Steel | Carbon Steel | Stainless Steel
Aluminum | Brass Copper | Rock
Stone | Alloys | Plastics | Red metals

The fastest, quickest, most accurate waterjet by design.

The MACH 500 System is built for production, producing precise, consistent cuts.

Equipped with top of the line components
  • Machine drive
  • Precision motion system
  • Motion control
  • Industry-leading software
  • Ultra high-pressure pump & cutting heads
  • Advanced wrist articulation
We can cut just about anything.

CUT UP TO 6” including steel, granite, concrete and many other materials.

Continuous variable beam control across every thickness of material.

Using a highly innovative resonator, ENSIS automatically and precisely adjusts the diameter of the laser beam for continuous processing of thin-to-thick materials by a single machine with no lens change.

Precise Cuts & Clean Edges, with Efficiency
  • Automation ready
  • 1.4g acceleration over work area
  • Continuous variable beam control
We have two ENSIS Lasers to cut both thick and thin material with precision.

CUT UP TO 1” steel, ⅝” stainless, ½” aluminum, ⅜” copper & brass

Versatile hybrid drive provides precise bending.

Industry-leading bending technology with two motors and multiple-axis backgauge allows for fast cycle times, customized to your project requirements.

Increased Bending Productivity
  • AMNC 3i Control displays results before processing
  • SGRIP dramatically decreases tool changes
  • 6-axis Backgauge System expedites setup
We have high approach, bending and return speeds with great precision.


Fiber Laser

Ensis Fiber Laser Video


MACH 500 Waterjet Video

Press Brake

HRB Press Brake Series Video

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