Hydraulics for Mobile Machinery


Spurred not just by regulation but also by innovation, Rexroth can provide components and systems to make mobile hydraulic systems compliant, efficient, and safe.  From modern materials and advanced engineering to electrification – we are ready to help build the machines of tomorrow.  Attend this session for a highlight of new technologies and design tools. 

The Future of Hydraulics in Industrial Settings

10:00 – 10:30AM

Electrification will allow hydraulic systems to be more efficient and connected, but what of the technology of Fluid Power systems?  With Rexroth you have the many years of expertise in Hydraulics along with Advanced Motion Control knowledge, all from the same supplier.  From pre-defined function modules for hydraulic control to the multi-Ethernet capabilities on proportional valves, our Hydraulics paired with our Electric Drive and Control technologies drive better systems with less design effort.  See an overview of where this extremely exciting marriage of two technologies might benefit your operations.

Filter Systems


More and more manufacturing firms discover the high cost of warranty claims after the products have been delivered. A significant reason has been insufficiently cleaned hydraulic systems and fluids, which caused failure within the warranty time. By addressing the fluid cleanliness of new oils, appropriate fluid processing in the plant and fluid filtering and flushing of the systems during assembly and/or final testing, the warranty costs can be substantially lowered. Besides cleaning the fluids to recommended ISO levels, the monitoring with contamination sensors and recording of data for quality control play an important role.

Innovative solutions being offered for in-plant use range from portable contamination monitoring systems with Bluetooth or telematics communication options to offline kidney loop filtration systems with on-board data acquisition systems to dewatering systems and tank solutions for hydraulic systems to reduce reservoir size and overall oil volume.

Open Core Engineering


To build the smart factory of tomorrow manufacturers need to employ smart technologies available today.  Even if starting with just simple monitoring of machine processes, Rexroth can offer OEMs, Machine Builders, Integrators and End Users alike a common, easy to use platform for control and communication between front office and shop floor, people and machines.  Come see what Open Core Engineering is all about.

Balluff IOLink Distributed Modular I/O


Introduction to a distributed modular I/O system  that is fieldbus independent, is easily configured and is vendor neutral.  I/O Link is revolutionizing the way field devices are connected.  Stop wiring and start connecting!

Solutions Under Pressure


Does your company perform  hydrostatic testing?

Do you have processes requiring gases to be stored or used at high-pressure?

Would optimizing your compressed air system help reduce your company’s energy consumption?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Haskel “Solutions Under Pressure” seminar will be a great investment of your time.

Be one of the first 20 attendees at the Innovation Fair Haskel seminar and receive a complimentary gift bag as a thank you.

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