Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Fc - Advantages: Sensorless vector control Linear V/f curve Output frequency 0 Hz to 400 Hz Overload capacity: 200% for 5 s and 150% for 60 s Continuously adjustable pulse frequency from 3 kHz to 16 kHz Rexroth IndraDrive Fc is the new, powerful converter series for open loop applications. As presented in a very compact book […]
Bosch Rexroth Frequency Converter Fe - Integrated brake chopper (< 15 kW) High overcurrent carrying capacity Broad performance spectrum Multiple self-protection measures Worldwide availability and service Rexroth Frequency Converter Fe is the affordable converter solution in the 0.75 kW to 160 kW output range. The frequency converter Fe is designed for U/f operation in harsh environments and enables a wide range […]
Bosch Rexroth Frequency Converter Fv - Several operating modes for different applications Easy to operate and service (detachable fan, LCD operating panel with copy function) Advanced functions and high performance Integrated mains filter Parameterization and start-up with PC software Worldwide availability and service The Rexroth Frequency Converter Fv is the optimized drive solution for the automation of various applications in the […]
Bosch Rexroth EFC 3600 - Load-dependent adaptation of voltage/frequency curve Maximized energy efficiency and minimized motor noises through continuously adjustable pulse frequency Integrated brake chopper and mains filter Integrated operating panel for simple, fast commissioning Easy installation with plug-in I/O connection terminals The Rexroth frequency converter EFC 3600 is the compact, affordable and energy-efficient drive solution for U/f operation in […]