Balluff: Sensors, Machine Vision, Industrial RFID and Distributed I/O

Balluff: White Paper – Improving the Reliability of Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors

Despite the inherent ruggedness of magnetostrictive linear position sensors, highly demanding industrial applications exist that push and sometimes exceed the limits of product survivability. This white paper will discuss common industrial application challenges and propose potential solutions that can enhance sensor reliability and extend life expectancy.

Balluff: Hydraulic Cylinders – Linear Position Sensors for Partial-Stroke Testing on Hydraulic Valve Actuators

A popular application for Micropulse® linear position sensors is hydraulic cylinder position feedback for valve actuators. The position sensor is installed into the back end of the cylinder. The sensing element resides in a cavity that has been gun-drilled through the piston and cylinder rod, extending the full length of the mechanical stroke. A magnet ring is used as position marker and is recessed into the face of the piston and secured with screws or snap rings.

Balluff: Engine Block Mold Tracking with RFID

Traceability involves tracking every step of a mold-making process, using automated identification. The system provides an automated record regarding the assembly of each block’s mold, so that in the event of a recall, the company could ascertain what occurred during assembly, as well as which other items were assembled simultaneously.

Balluff: SmartLight – Multi-purpose Tower Light

Balluff: SmartLight Multi-purpose Tower Light SmartLight is the first programmable LED signal tower light. With a rich color spectrum, adjustable light intensity and the ability to program individual configurable segments, the Balluff SmartLight can display numerous machine or process status information – instantaneously. The mode of operation can be switched based on programmed conditions [...]

Balluff: Lab Automation – Detecting Liquid Level in Micropipette Tips

Balluff: Application Spotlight Lab Automation - Detecting Liquid Level in Micropipette Tips Micropipetting is a common device in medical instrumentation used to deliver small amounts of liquid. These pipetting systems perform a range of liquid handling functions, which may consist of reagent addition, sample transfer, or mixing in well plates, to name a few. [...]

Balluff: The Micropulse Advantage

Balluff: The Micropulse Advantage   Magnetostriction. It's the industry-proven technology at the core of Micropulse linear position sensors. Magnetostrictive technology has been used for decades in industrial linear measurement sensors. But Balluff engineers have taken magnetostriction to new levels by employing innovative technological and design improvements. The Micropulse Advantage provides: Patented Autotuning technology that [...]

Balluff: Industry 4.0

Balluff: Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is a collaborative effort by the major control manufacturers to provide interoperability of field devices like sensors and actuators across all control platforms. IO-Link is a new open standard for sensors to communicate to controllers over Ethernet using Distributed Modular I/O and standard cables. IO-Link Master Blocks connect standard [...]