Case Studies

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Case Studies

S3 Group Designs & Manufactures Bosch Rexroth Pick & Place System
Livingston & Haven’s S3 group recently helped a customer by modernizing their pick and place system using Bosch Rexroth products for the entire fabrication. S3 works to provide innovative motion control solutions to customer’s hydraulic and controls fabrication and implementation requirements. Learn more »

Siempelkamp is a nuclear service company that gets rid of nuclear power plants. The company came to Livingston & Haven for help designing an automated system for cutting the reactor vessels.

Autobell’s “Wheel Blaster” system was highly inefficient due to difficulty adjusting speed and settings. Livingston & Haven Automation Specialists improved the function of the system in order to save the company a significant amount of money at each Autobell location.

Tire-Cutting Knife Module
A well-known tire manufacturer came to Livingston & Haven asking for a new Rexroth belt driven linear module. The company eventually purchased a complete Rexroth solution, improving of the efficiency of their factories worldwide.

Marietta NDT
Marietta NDT needed more than just a parts distributor to help them implement their complex product designs. Ben Strong, automation specialist from Livingston & Haven, was able to work closely with Marietta NDT to find creative solutions to help them bring their products to market.

Royal Vendors
Our Regional Account Sales Manager, John Gaddum, worked with Bosch Rexroth to deliver quality work and high-performance parts to upgrade machinery for Royal Vendors.

The audit and redesign of Tire Press saves nearly $1 Million through Livingston & Haven’s RECON Group. The group used new data-collection technology to measure energy usage, machine duty cycles and load requirements. The analysis of this data helped RECON find inefficiencies in the power units that drive the presses and resulted in a moderate redesign – eliminating the need for nearly half of the units’ pump/motor groups.