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Air Cylinders


Haskel International is a market leader in the world of high pressure technology. Their pneumatically driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, and air amplifiers are a great solution to many common industrial problems.


Pneumatically Driven Pumps

Whether supplying power to hydraulic jacks in aircraft ground support, clamping in the machine tool industry, or hydraulic presses in the tire and automative industry, L&H and Haskel can provide the solution for these applications.

Pneumatically Driven Gas Boosters

Haskel Gas Boosters have long been used in a variety of industries where gas transfer and pressurization is required. The pumps are compatible with a broad spectrum of gases. L&H offers turnkey systems that make installation a snap and the ROI too good to ignore.

Need Service or Repair of Haskel Products?

Livingston & Haven is now an authorized repair facility for Haskel. Contact us today for troubleshooting or pump repairs!

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