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At Firestone, innovation is in our blood. For over 75 years we’ve developed solutions for your business needs, no matter what industry you’re in. Our innovative products can be found in manufacturing, mining and agricultural applications, just to name a

Whatever your job involves, we’ve got parts to make it run better, smoother and more efficiently. Between rugged actuators that make heavy lifting easier, isolators that keep vibration from moving to unwanted areas and pick & place solutions that move delicate items safely, we work hard to find an effective solution from our wide array of products and experience. Our products are proven to perform and we’ve got the data to back it up.

We’ll work with you to find solutions that come from a place where engineering, innovation and imagination meet. Our people are trained to recognize applications that could benefit from our products and improve your bottom line. When you’re ready to inject new life into your business and join with the industry’s true innovators, give us a call.


  • Converting energy to mechanical motion, the motion can be rotary or linear – a durable innovative solution for corrosive or abrasive environments and a great way to replace traditional,pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders


  • Isolating delicate objects from external vibrations, supporting vibrating loads and reducing structural noise – a great alternative to coil springs or other isolations devices.

Pick & Place

  • Moving objects of varying shape or size? Firestone Pick and Place innovative solutions can work with a wide range of diameters and work piece weights – great low cost, durable solutions.

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