Schroeder: Application Spotlight – Cutting Expenses Using Schroeder Bag Housings


A northern Minnesota Mine, established in the 1950’s, was one of the first Taconite processing facilities in North America. With concerns about high costs of replacement elements and oil consumption associated with their cone crushers, they were in search for a cost saving solution.


The company was using a Porous Media 39” Housing with 39” 25 µ absolute cartridge elements. Because of the 25 µ absolute filtration, the mining company was going through nearly 300 cartridge elements a year at a high consumable cost. The manufacturer of the ore crusher recommended 50 µ filtration for the unit to reduce element usage as an option, as the OEM oil spec is 50 µ.


Schroeder was able to supply the mining company with a BH2-2 bag housing unit to replace the Porous Media housing. A significant cost savings on the replacement bag elements as well as easy change outs and disposal, justified the purchase of the new housing. Filtration testing started at 50 µ and then 25, 10, and 5 µ bags were tried with acceptable bag usage at 5 µ. Schroeder Industries’ solution provided a higher quality filtration solution rather than the OEM standard of 50 µ or the existing 25 µ and at a fraction of the price.


Application: Iron Ore Crusher
Reservoir Capacity: 316 Gallons
Environmental Rating: ISO 68
Schroeder Product: BH2-2 Housing/(2) PPH5HP2PH bag elements
Customer Problem: Replacement element cost