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Automation Solutions tailored for your application.

We design electrical automation solutions that control, monitor and synchronize mechanical systems to your specifications. We work closely with you to understand your application needs, and then review options to design the right solution. Using the highest quality technology from industry leading suppliers, L&H’s automation specialists and engineers will design and fabricate integrated applications to efficiently and cost-effectively solve your factory automation challenges.

Solutions Include:
  • PLC logic and HMI solutions
  • All major Industrial Fieldbus/Ethernet protocols
  • Motion control involving servo, hydraulic and/or pneumatic axes
  • Simple, uncoordinated, sequential motion
  • Multi-axis synchronization, coordinated or kinematic solutions
Solutions Include:
  • Centralized machine control solutions, such as case packers and labelers
  • Modular machine control solutions, such as high-speed printing presses and assembly lines
  • Electric Drives and Controls to include servo drives, servo motors, motion and logic controllers, gearboxes, cabinet free drives, cables, Industrial PC and HMI, I/O blocks, and ctrlX Automation
Solutions Include:
  • Cables, sensors, RFID, machine vision and optical identification, and other automation accessories available
  • Programming and troubleshooting
  • Electrical Control Panel Design
  • Custom Panel Fabrication
Linear Motion Technology
  • Linear guides to include ball rail, roller rail, linear bushings and shafts, cam roller guides, miniature profile rail and rail guides, and precision rail guides
  • Integrated Measuring Systems
  • Multi-axis Systems and Cartesian Robots for pick and place applications including attachments, cable systems, motors and servo drives
  • Electromechanical Cylinders
  • Smart MechatroniX for pressing, handling and dispensing applications. Smart Function Kits are subsystems with preinstalled so ftware that eliminates the need for complex engineering and programming time.
  • Safety Control options up to SIL3, Cat. 4, PL e safety levels
  • Rexroth Safe Logic control modules and Safe Motion Drives
  • Safety IO-Link blocks, safety switches and sensors options, safety RFID, safety encoders, safety relays, and more
  • E-stops, light curtains, guard locks, multifunction gate box, and more
UL508A Panel Shop Custom Options

DESIGN: Design and Panel Layout, Component and Product Selection Guidance, AutoCAD Electrical Schematics

FABRICATION: Full Assembly with Point-to-Point Testing via ISO Process-based quality checks

CERTIFICATION: UL508A Listing (if required)

COMMISSIONING: Onsite Installation and Start-Up, Partial or Complete Power-up and Testing, Programming Support including IEC-61131-3 and other High-Level Languages, Onsite and Remote Troubleshooting

DOCUMENTATION: Secure Archival of Drawings and Application Programs

Livingston & Haven - Panel Shop Capabilities

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