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Aluminum Extrusion



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Livingston and Haven offers a full range of extruded aluminum products and services including:

  • Bulk components, pre-cut kits, and fully assembled structures shipped ready to use
  • 3D modeling and design assistance
  • Onsite consultation, engineering, and installation services
  • Standard catalog items, custom brackets, panels, and table tops
  • Large inventory of aluminum profiles, connectors, and accessories
Safety Enclosures
  • Polycarbonate, wire mesh, aluminum, dibond panels
  • Swinging doors, sliding doors, roll up doors
  • Safety switches, safety locks, safety light curtains
Custom Ergonomic Workstations
  • Fixed and adjustable height workstations
  • Melamine, aluminum, butcher block, plastic work surfaces
  • LED overhead lighting, power outlets, pneumatic connections
  • Tool organizers, parts bins, shelves, HMI & keyboard arms, magnetic whiteboards
  • Pick-to-Light, digital & projected work instructions
Perimeter Guards
  • Wire mesh, polycarbonate, diamond plate, aluminum panels
  • Pre-assembled panels, just stand up and attach to floor post
  • Man doors, sliding doors, automatic vertical roll-up doors
  • Safety locks, safety sensors, light curtains, safety scanners
Flow Racks
  • Gravity feed of boxes, cases, containers, blister packs, etc.
  • Plastic rollers, steel rollers, full width rollers
  • Custom designed and shipped ready to use for your specific application
Custom Carts
  • Material handling shuttles and carts for logistics, parts transfer, and tugs
  • Heavy duty, swivel & locking casters
  • Shelves, trays, parts bins, custom nests
Machine Frames
  • Machine frames, robot stands, tooling storage
  • Large profiles for heavy loads
  • More versatile than traditional welded frames
Room Dividers & Sound Enclosures
  • Custom panels to divide rooms, for tool rooms, offices, etc
  • Guide traffic flow, hide dirty or secret processes
  • Sound proof panels reduce noise from motors, pumps, and machines
  • Clear panels, opaque panels, wire mesh panels, man doors, sliding doors, roll-up doors
Visual Info Boards
  • Custom visual management boards, whiteboards, lean production boards
  • Custom graphics capabilities
  • Fixed mount or casters for mobility
  • Large format integrated computer touchscreen for plant floor productivity

Aluminum Structural Framing System Catalog

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Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities

Safety Enclosures

Custom Carts

Ergonomic Workstations

Info Boards

Flow Racks

Room Dividers

Perimeter Guards

Machine Frames

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