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Bosch Rexroth Aluminum Extrusion

FRAME YOUR FACTORY with the Rexroth Aluminum Profile System

Safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful solutions for factory automation, mobile applications, machinery applications and engineering.

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Livingston & Haven partners with industry-leading suppliers that offer quality products at the highest value for our customers.

Our selection of innovative product lines coupled with our integration knowledge allows Livingston and Haven to solve the most challenging applications.

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With the world’s largest aluminum profile building system, which has been continuously developed over more than 40 years Bosch Rexroth offers you decades of experience and unbeatable flexibility when designing your assembly line.
It allows you to realize applications such as ergonomic work tables, flow racks, or protective fences within a short time and without having to spend great effort on planning. The single components have been tested intensively to offer extensive technical data to meet the highest quality and sustainability requirements.

Product overview Basic Mechanic Elements

  • A uniquely wide range of profiles, connections, and accessories for all applications – even in Industry 4.0 environments
  • Components that have been tested in test laboratories
  • Short delivery times that are unbeatable worldwide
  • Components with extensive technical data that meet the highest quality and sustainability requirements