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In the U.S. and indeed all of the developed world, people take for granted that you can flip a switch and your nighttime world will be illuminated. This then allows for safe preparation of meals, studying to increase literacy, safety or just for families to gather together. In much of Africa however this is not available or even possible. Africa has one billion people living on the continent and 75% of them do not have access to electricity. Light for them means burning costly and dangerous kerosene.

What if there was a way for ordinary citizens of the developed world to help with this situation? To help Africans develop their potential and improve their lives, which will consequently help to make the world a more peaceful place - where there is prosperity and an opportunity for advancement, extremism and hate has a difficult time taking hold.

Now you can help. GoSolPower, a product line from AEG International, has developed Firefly, a $300 top quality, American engineered solution to the lack of electricity and light. Details including detail on the engineering advantages of Firefly can be found HERE. In short, Firefly uses the power of the sun to provide up to 12 hours of safe, LED light for a family or small business. It also includes a USB charging port so that same family can recharge their cell phones.

AEG has partnered with the Mashaka Foundation to allow you to donate one or more units of Firefly to a family in Tanzania, which currently has no electricity or safe lighting. Here's how it works. Make your donation on-line to Mashaka Foundation. Your donation is tax deductible. Mashaka Foundation will then purchase the donated number of units of Firefly from AEG, which already keeps inventory of Firefly in Tanzania. Mashaka Foundation will then distribute the donated Firefly units to rural families who currently do not have electricity and will return via email to you a picture of the family that received light because of your donation, along with their name and the village or town name where they live.

Don't wait for 'someone to do something'. Make a difference today. Donate light to those who need it most.

How you can help!


Help change someone’s life today! Simply click the Donate button above and give Firefly to someone in need. Help provide LIGHT to those in need.


Can’t give a whole Firefly unit? No problem! You can still affect change and help people in need, simply donate any amount you wish and we’ll put it towards Firefly for people in need!


Not in a place to donate now? No worries! Help us spread the word! Link to us on Social Media or your Blog and help share this great opportunity with your friends and family!


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    Who needs it?

    Everyone! Firefly is light. Firefly is communication. No electricity, no problem. The sun gives you all the energy you need to light the night and charge your cell phone!

    Why have it?

    Light, The most basic of needs…and lots of it. Over 12 hours of continuous light with just a single solar charge. So study away, check on your baby, or check the room for intruders. Firefly lights the night with five (5) LED lights. Put them where you want. From bedroom to kitchen, Firefly lights your night! And, talk away. No charge on your mobile, no problem. Connect it to Firefly and get talking. Firefly will charge mobile devices any time. More than one mobile, no problem. The power of Firefly is strong enough to charge many devices, one after another.

    What is it?

    Firefly is the world’s most advanced solar powered device for light and mobile charging. With a main battery box, solar panel and five (5) LED lights, Firefly is a better and safer life.



Stories from Recipients of Firefly!

  • customer

    Joanne Chinker

    Teacher in Africa
    “It was a blessing…In one place I work, there (is) no electricity… Someone actually purchased the Firefly for me. ”

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